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Interactive Design

Develop, Design and implement your ideas

“Make it simple, but significant.”

— Don Draper, Mad Men

A strong understanding of design fundamentals, accessibility, web standards and usability are critical not only to a project’s immediate success, but to future growth, scalability and cross-device compatibility. The best designs instill confidence in your product and brand. They inspire users to download, engage, and evangelize.

“Design is Intelligence made visible.”

– Alina Wheeler

Our Philosophy

We believe the key to good design lies in understanding our clients’ business and our research-based approach to design reflects that philosophy. Our design team will work with your organization to understand your business, establish S.M.A.R.T goals and formulate a design direction that is on brand and will help differentiate your business from the rest.

While we thrive on creating dynamic and out of the box designs, we also understand that effective design goes beyond aesthetics. That is why we ensure that our designs are conceived with the end user in mind. We consider who is going to use your application, why they are using it and how they might interact with it – both today and in the future.

User & Design Research
UI Design
User Experience Design
Information Architecture

Our team specializes in


Truly efficient and user-centric design can only be achieved by aligning your users’ needs with your business goals. At App&Cell we begin the process by defining your key business goals and by doing so we create the framework for your product design, information architecture, content and user interactions’ strategy.
The next stage of our UX design process involves mapping out your users’ personas, understanding their consumption patterns and aligning product performance with user expectations. Our team will employ superlative research methods and tools specifically for your segment, keeping your budget and timeline in mind.

Competitor analysis
Design Personas
Key Workflows
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Information Architecture and Wireframes

Industry leading products are always easy to learn and use. They ensure that the structure of information and its presentation is intuitive and blends seamlessly with existing user patterns, psychology and web interface expectations.
We strive to ensure that your message is delivered in an optimal way. At this stage of our UI design process, we will share with you the initial wireframes presenting the proposed data structure and key UI features. Taking your feedback into account, our testing team will further ensure that all the workflows and navigation options are optimized for peak performance.

Clickable Prototypes
Design Layouts
Information Architecture

User Testing

Using the goals identified and research done during the first stage, our team will create specific case studies to validate the assumptions. We will set up user testing and interaction sessions to gauge the response, analyze the received data and transform these learnings into design improvements. In accordance with your needs, we will choose the best method to gather user feedback whether it be via remote user testing or one-on-one sessions.

User testing
On-site testing
A/B testing

Front-End Web Development

Our experienced developers will ensure that your products’ UI is designed to perfection with a fresh and intuitive feel. We ensure that our coding is clean and written up to industry standards, stress-tested multiple times for maximum durability and smooth functioning.


Integration and on-going support

Our work is not done upon product delivery; we provide around the clock assistance and support with back-end integration, maintenance and service requests. We believe product design is an iterative process and whenever you feel the need for tweaks or design improvements, our team will be happy to oblige.